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Always watching you...
Always watching you...
Little Brother - Cory Doctorow

We don't have to vote for a surveillance state, we're entering into one voluntarily.

My hands down favourite thing about Cory Doctorow's Little Brother, is that it was going to be part of a massive national US summer reading program. And then they banned it. It's almost like the principal read the book, recognised himself, and then... whoops. The very fact schools are picking up on this, is intriguing to me. They should get V for Vendetta whilst they are at it. And a few more besides...


You can read more about all that here: http://www.writerswrite.com/cory-doctorows-ya-book-little-brother-banned-in-florida-61220141 - and watch a fantastic response from the author himself. This is the reason I picked up this book, and the reason I will be recommending it so thoroughly. Even if this does put me on some sort of 'list'. You're probably on that same list just for reading this review.


Welcome to the club.


You can download a FREE copy for yourself here: http://craphound.com/littlebrother/download/ Yep, gratis. And you know what, Doctorow himself has licensed that to happen, which he explains in great detail in his forward. Once data is out there, its public. I thoroughly appreciate his reminder of this, and progressive attitude working with the market rather than trying to dominate it. If only major publishers would follow suit (and the reason www.onetreefamily.com has gone indie.. check them out).


In essence, his story is about data control, and how this can be (is) used to control, predict and manipulate population behaviour. The trouble is, these days we give all this data voluntarily - every purchase, every swipe, every check-in, every FB share. 

In the wake of terrorism (cough), who are we really left feeling most vulnerable to? 


LB works on many levels - It will appeal to teens, written in an accessible first person narrative and technology heavy. And then there's the obligatory love interest (but hey, the guy's 17, it's a miracle he keeps on topic as much as he does). But it also works for adults, even those of us over 25 (and Marcus Yarrow, you can definitely trust ME)...


This perhaps should be *compulsory* school reading (much as I unschool my children and don't believe in any compulsory/prohibitive curriculum, many of the reasons are outlined well in LB's pages in fact).


There's certainly enough nods and references in there to get you googling.. And THINKING. And that's the mark of a good piece of social fiction or commentary - which the author well achieves. 


Download it, then buy it and read it again. Then give it to a young person you know, and get them to give it to an old person. The more people critically evaluate the circumstances we find ourselves in, the better chance we have of keeping our eyes open.


And if they're watching you, watch them right back... ;-)